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Facebook Hacking

How to hack a facebook account?

Hack a Facebook Account on any Platform using our facebook hacker

If you want to hack a facebook account on a any platform, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the profile ID of the victim you want to hack.
  2. Copy the address from the address bar of the victim.
  3. Paste the address in the facebook hacking box above and click Hack! Button
  4. We will give you a ticket number. Once we have successfully hacked the account (It can take from few hours to 3 days), you will be able to get the email id and password of the hacked account. Please note that ticket entry box is only available when you visit the website from Google.com

How to hack a facebook account using facebook hacker


If you want to hack a facebook account, you have stepped through the right portal. We offer services ranging from fb hacker app, removing fake accounts, retrieving chats from someones facebook account all the way to teach you how to hack facebook id. We are a skilled team of software hackers who have spent years of our lives to develop many facebook hack software. Our particular field of interest is to hack facebook profile . Over time we have gathered experience and skills necessary to successfully hack facebook account. With time our skills have improved so much that we now offer the highest success rate among all the online hackers. Our hacking success rate lies at whopping 80+% which is an achievement in itself.

Facebook Hacker

Our facebook hacker is currently online. People have hacked over 7000 facebook accounts using our hacker. Our facebook hacker is currently the only working hacker on the internet.

Hack Facebook Account Online in 2 Minutes!

If you have read anywhere that it is possible to hack a facebook account in 2 minutes, it is not true. There is no way to hack into a facebook account in two minutes. The hacking process is neither simple nor easy. It requires both patience and time before hackers can hack into an account. We take anywhere between 3 hours to 3 days to hack a facebook account if it is hackable. Not a single hacking method available is efficient enough to crack the facebook password in 2 minutes. Our most efficient method is through a phishing attack which requires a good amount of time. However, one of our methods includes generic password trying which includes trying several passwords that people most commonly use. This method leads to a very fast result and can hack within minutes.

There are a lot of websites that got banned due to such scam activities. For instance, Hack Facebook Account Hayy was one of the websites which claimed to hack facebook accounts in minutes in exchange for money. Facegeek Facebook Hack is another website that claimed to hack facebook accounts but all these websites eventually turned out to be fake and were either closed or banned. Facebook Password Sniper is another renowned fake facebook hacking website which only claims to hack but tricks users into completing bogus tasks like spamming on public boards etc.

Is it possible to hack into facebook without any hacking skills?

Hacking a facebook account is a fairly difficult task. On one hand there are hundreds of fake websites on the internet which claim to hack any facebook account within seconds. On the other hand there are quite a few working websites and methods which actually hack a facebook account. Such methods are extremely difficult to find since they are cloaked away by fraud websites which are nothing but a scam. We have, however compiled a list of working facebook hacks which you can use to hack into a facebook account. Use these methods on your own risk. Some of these methods require advaned knowledge in some programming languages. Other are as simple as installing a program on victims device. You can learn more about them in detail on internet.

  1. Phishing
  2. Keyloggers
  3. Session Highjacking
  4. Brute Force Methods
  5. Mobile Phone hacking
  6. DNS Spoofing
  7. USB Hacking
  8. Bots

How we hack a facebook account?

Unlike the hundreds of websites on the internet which claim to hack a facebook account with one click, we do not boast such bogus claims. Instead, we take time to study the facebook accounts we hack. It means that we look for vulnerabilities in the security of their accounts. We try various attacks an techniques and if successful, we get the email and password of the facebook of the victim.

Throughout the process, you remain completely anonymous. All you need to do is provide us with the victim's Facebook Address. At any moment we are processing approximately 70-80 Hacking requests. Your request is queued and you can use the ticket number to find out the status of your request. Please note that you can only view the ticket entring box if you open this website from Google.com.

Over the years, we have gathered an enormous list of methods to hack a facebook account. Hacking of any sort requires time and skills. An amateur can not hack facebook accounts so we do it on your behalf. Following is a complete and detailed list of methods we use to hack into any facebook account.

If you want to become a facebook hacker, you can sign up for our training program where we will teach you to step by step to facebook hack online or any account you want.


Phishing is a facebook hacking technique that is most common nowadays. In this technique, the hacker i.e. we create a fake facebook login page and make the victim enter the username and password on the fake page. In this way, the victim thinks he is genuinely logging into the Facebook account while in fact, he is sending this information to us.

Phishing to hack facebook


A keylogger is a facebook hacking software which allows the hackers to record the keystrokes on the keyboard of the victim. When the victim tries to log in to his facebook account, the Keylogger records the email and password and sends this information to us. We can then use this information to gain access to the victim's Facebook account.

Phishing to hack facebook

Session Highjacking

At any time a user is browsing his facebook feed, the information regarding his login status and other information which tells a computer that he is authentically logged in is stored in small files known as cookies. These are small encrypted files that hold very sensitive data. Highjacking these cookies can help us gain access to the victim's Facebook account. We can try to gain access to these files through protocol hacking and use this information to crack the facebook password of the victim. We then provide this hacked email and password to you.

Session Highjacking to hack facebook

Brute Force Methods

From time and time, when we are to hack a facebook account, we have an idea about the password of the victim through other hacking techniques and research, we employe the brute force method. It involves sending queries to Facebook servers at a very high speed. Once the correct password is entered, the FB account is hacked and we are given access. This method, however, is very resource consuming and is not recommended at all. We use it as one of our last resort to hacking fb online.

Mobile phone Hacking

Similar to Session Highjacking, cookies are also stored on a mobile phone. Hackers can gain access to these cookie files and easily hack any Facebook account they want. It usually involves administring a small trojan program on the mobile phone which can then send the cookie information to the hacker.

DNS Spoofing

One of the most advanced and most difficult methods of hacking facebook with a high success rate is DNS Spoofing. In this method, we gain access to the PC or Mobile device of the victim and alter the DNS records of the internet. This way any information which was to be sent to Facebook Servers will be sent to us. This hacking method is quite difficult but if successful, has a 100% success rate in hacking facebook.

DNS Spoofing to hack fb accounts

Other Methods

USB Hacking And Bots are other methods that are not employed by us but are fairly commonly used in hacking facebook accounts. You can learn more about them on the internet. Learn how to keep your Facebook Account safe and secure.

How much do we charge to hack a facebook account?

Nothing. We hack facebook accounts to polish our programming and hacking skills. Over time we have mastered these methods of hacking. Our success rate lies between 70-80%.

How to Hack Messengers Password?

Facebook has now segregated messenger from the main Facebook website. However both of them are still linked to the same account and to hack messengers' passwords, the same hacking techniques are to be used. These include all the above-mentioned techniques. In short, if you hack facebook accounts password, the messenger will be hacked alongside with it. Use our service to hack both.